AEMC Thermo-Hygrometer Data Logger 1246


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AEMC Thermo-Hygrometer Data Logger 1246

The Thermo-Hygrometer Data Logger Model 1246 is a portable, compact digital meter designed for simplicity and one-hand operation. The main advantage of the logger is its ability to perform a variety of recording tasks with easy and intuitive setup from a computer using supplied DataView® software. The meter uses an NTC as the temperature sensor, providing excellent response time to changes in temperature, good repeatability and accurate readings. The Model 1246 also utilizes a thin film polymer capacitive type relative humidity sensor as hygrometer sensor, offering excellent recovery from 100% moisture, and fast response time and durability.


  • Measures temperature , humidity and dew point
  • Dual line display toggles between any two of the measurements
  • User selectable temperature units, °F, °C
  • Built in sensor with removable protective cap
  • Min, and Max measurements stored
  • Hold function freezes the display
  • Spot or continuous recording up to 1 million measurements
  • Blue luminescent backlit display
  • Programmable alarms for temperature and humidity through included software
  • USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Magnetic mount
  • Battery or USB powered
  • DataView® graphing and analysis software included


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