Senonics Bluefin Logger

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Senonics Bluefin Logger Features:
  • Temperature is measured to an accuracy of +/--0.3C over the range +5C to +60C and +/--2.0C over the full range --30C to +80C. Relative humidity is measured to an accuracy of +/--2.0% over 20% to 80% humidity range and +/--4.0% over 0% to 100%. Both temperature and relative humidity are logged at a user configurable logging rate which can be set in a PC application program.
  • Bluefin is available with an optional NIST traceable single point calibration at any temperature between 15C and 35C or 0C. Once calibrated the Minnow is accurate to +/-- 0.1C within +/-- 20C of the calibration point.
  • Can set operating ranges above or below which light indicators will be activated so that the user can become aware that the desired transportation conditions have been exceeded.
  • Has provision for 40,000 data samples. This can be 20,000 temperature and humidity pairs, 40,000 temperature only samples or 40,000 humidity only samples.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Can be connected either via a USB cable to a Windows or Mac PC or wirelessly using Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iPadMini. Both Windows, Mac and iPhone application offer a simple means of configuring the logger, data extraction and data viewing features.
  • Moisture Resistance


  • Transport of sensitive/ fragile items
  • Food transportation
  • Storage of vaccines
  • Monitoring storageof chemicals
  • Animal/livestock transportation
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