GENERAL TOOLS TQ8800 Torque Meter


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GENERAL TOOLS TQ8800 Torque Meter


  • TQ8800 Torque Meter
  • Peak mode
  • Data hold
  • Zero, min/max
  • 15 Kg-cm torque sensor included
  • Selectable Fast/slow sampling time
  • 147.1 Newton-cm using remote sensor

General TQ8800 Torque Meter.

Torque Meter has a 147.1 Newton-cm using remote sensor. This General Tools torque meter provides selectable fast/slow sampling time.


Output RS232
3 units 15 Kg-cm/13LB-inch/147.1 N-cm
Size 180 x 72 x 32 mm

General Tools TQ8800 Product Specifications Summary:
(for full specs please see the full specs tab or the data sheet)

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Engineering Units (Torque) lbFin, Ncm 
Maximum Capacity 13 LBS 
Resolution (Torque) .01 Kgf-cm, .01 LBf-inch, .1 N-cm
Accuracy ±1.5%
Sampling Rate What's This? 0.125 MS/S 

Unique Features •Includes torque sensor with cramp. Crampattaches to torqued part through included gearand pinion. Sensor is bolted to table or held invise. Together, sensor and pinion connect meterto torqued part like an extension of a socketwrench
•Selectable fast or slow resolution and fast orslow sampling time
•Peak hold, data hold and Min/Max memory
•Three available display units: Kg-cm, lb-in.and N-cm
•Data logs uploadable to PC via RS-232 interface
•CE and RoHS approved
Safety Approval RoHS
Data Logging What's This? No
Product Weight 0.50 LBS 
Product Height 32 MM (1.26 IN)
Product Length 180 MM (7.09 IN)
Product Width 72 MM (2.83 IN)
Country of Origin United States
Sold Out
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  • GENERAL TOOLS TQ8800 Torque Meter