ICS 4863 GPIB Digital Interface


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ICS 4863 GPIB Digital Interface

GPIB Digital Interface

ICS's 4863 GPIB Digital Interface provides a fully enclosed parallel interface that is suitable for benchtop or rack mount applications. OEM board versions available for inclusion in test chassis.

• Provides 48 high-power TTL I/O lines that can sink 48 mA or source 24 mA.

• Easily interfaces to TTL or CMOS signals and contact closures.

• User can configure the data bytes as inputs or outputs.

• Transfer data as bits, bytes or data strings.

• Transparent data transfer mode.

• 1 U high rack mount kit mounts one or two 4863s

• Includes US 115 VAC Power Adapter

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  • ICS 4863 GPIB Digital Interface