Juniper Cedar CMP1 MINIPHONE


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Juniper Cedar CMP1 MINIPHONE

Smaller than the palm of your hand, this tiny, but mighty Android miniphone packs all your smartphone capabilities into a convenient, travel-sized device. Rated IP65, the CMP1 is sealed against dust and is resistant to water, making it ideal for swapping out your regular smartphone whenever you need extra ruggedness. Simply insert your SIM card and use your CMP1 for traveling, sports, kids, or even as an emergency backup phone. At only $124, it’s an easy purchase.

Tough Little Smartphone

Yes it's small, but it's also dust- and water- resistant. It fits in any pocket and provides the functionality you'd expect from an Android smartphone... without the stress of coddling one.

Includes earbuds, compact micro- USB charger, and our resealable waterproof pouch/ID holder. This starter kit helps keep your essentials safe and close at hand, anywhere, under any conditions.

Lose Bulk, Not Functionality

The CMP1 is a fully-functional, GSM smartphone with access to full 2G/3G wireless (depending on carrier). You can also connect via Bluetooth and 802.11G. And, despite its size, this little green machine still projects great voice and speaker sound!

Powered by Android's OS, version 4.12, the MiniPhone also offers access to Google Play and the full range of applications it hosts.

Take It Anywhere

The CMP1 is a great second phone for outdoor sports, work, and any time you need to travel very light...just swap out your SIM card as needed!

Leaving the country? This unlocked smartphone accepts SIM cards from any GSM cellular service provider, allowing you to access the best local coverage virtually anywhere in the world!

Even without a SIM card, the MiniPhone's built-in WiFi connects you to emergency services, giving you the freedom to "unplug" without sacrificing your ability to call for help.

Grab the CMP1 and see just how far a mobile device can go!


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  • Juniper Cedar CMP1 MINIPHONE
  • Juniper Cedar CMP1 MINIPHONE
  • Juniper Cedar CMP1 MINIPHONE