Juniper Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone


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Juniper Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone

Rugged, Affordable, Reliable


The Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone by Juniper Systems gives users an affordable option for impressive on-the-job durability. With massive upgrades over its predecessor, the CP3 touts increased memory and storage, a lightning-fast processor, global GSM cell, unbeatable battery life, and, of course, the rugged durability for which Juniper Systems is known.



Designed for all-terrain data collection and communication, the Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone lets users work hard, without the worry of a broken device.

The CP3 meets military standards and receives an IP68 rating, making it entirely dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. Its ruggedized design includes an ultra-bright, large display; all-day battery life; and exceptional reliability to provide users with the ultimate go-anywhere-do-anything smartphone.



Tired of darting for the shade to view your screen? We get it. Unlike consumer-grade smartphones, the CP3’s 5.5’’ display provides enhanced outdoor readability. That means less time spent squinting and more time getting the job done.



Nothing stops a productive workday like a dead battery. The CP3 is armed with a 14–16 hour battery life at full usage. Unlike consumer-grade smartphones, it’s ready to tackle even the longest days on the job. Stop worrying about when your device is going to tap out, the CP3 is equipped with energy efficient components and impressive battery capacity.



Inside the CP3, impressive processing power and mobility meet efficiency.

Running Android 7.1.2, the CP3 boasts a rock-solid platform for the wide variety of applications available on the Google Play Store. The operating system paired with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 Octa-core processor gives users impressive speed and power throughout long workdays.



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