Rigol DS1102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope


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Rigol DS1102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope

The Rigol DS1102E oscilloscope is one of the most popular 100 Mhz oscilloscopes if not the most single popular 100 Mhz oscilloscope in the USA in 2013. This unit has countless reviews online and many reviews on this page from our customers. You cant go wrong after reading all the reviews and feedback from customers.

Five years ago a scope like this was unheard pf for sub 1000 dollars prices. Now this unit is 399 with free shipping. The unit also comes with 1 MP of memory. This is huge and extremely useful! The ds 1102e is a website best seller. To get this distiction it has to be one of the most popular scopes we sell.

This Rigol DS1102E Model is an economical digital oscilloscope with high-performance, which is designed with dual channels and 1 external trigger channel. It provides 20 types of wave parameters for automatically measuring, which contains 10 Voltage and 10 Time parameters. In cursor mode, users can easily measure by moving cursor. Besides, 3 types of cursor measurement are optional: Manual, Track and Auto. This DS1102E DSO provides powerful PC application software: UltraScope, which enables to: Capture and measure wave; Perform local or remote operation; Save waves as ".bmp" format; Save files as ".txt" or ".xls" format; Print waveforms.

Easy to Use Design

  • Built-in help menu enables information getting more convenient
  • Multiple Language User Interface, support Chinese & English input
  • Support U disk and local files storage
  • Waveform intensity can be adjusted
  • To display a signal automatically by AUTO
  • Pop-up menu makes it easy to read and use function
  • Fine delayed scan function
  • Built-in FFT function, hold practical digital filters
  • Pass/Fail detection function enables to output testing results
  • Math operations available to multiple waves
  • Powerful PC application software UltraScope
  • Standard configuration interface: USB
  • Device, USB Host , RS-232 and support U disk storage and PictBridge print standards
  • The new function “Key Lock” can meet the needs of industrial production
  • Support for remote command control



Model DS1102E DS1052E DS1102D DS1052D
Bandwidth 50 MHz 100 MHz 50 MHz 50 MHz
Sample Modes Real-Time Sample Equivalent Sample
Sample Rate 1GSa/s [1] , 500MSa/s
DS1102X DS1052X
25GSa/s 10GSa/s
Input Coupling DC, AC, GND
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, the input capacity is 18pF±3pF
Probe Attenuation Factors 1X, 5X, 10X, 50X, 100X, 500X,1000X
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC+AC Peak, 1MΩ input impedance)
40V (DC+AC Peak) [2]
Time Delay between Channel (typical) 500ps
Sample Rate Range Real-Time: 13.65Sa/s-1GSa/s
Equivalent: 13.65Sa/s-25GSa/s
Waveform Interpolation Sin(x)/x
Memory Depth Channel Mode Sample Rate Memory Depth (normal) Memory Depth (long memory)
Single Channel 1 GS/s 16 kpts N/A
Single Channel 500MS/s Or lower 16 kpts 1 Mpts
Dual Channel 500MS/s Or lower 8 kpts N.A.
Dual Channel 500MS/s Or lower 8 kpts 512 kpts
Scanning Speed Range (Sec/div) 2ns/div~50s/div, DS1102X
5ns/div~50s/div, DS1052X
1-2-5 Sequence
Sample Rate and Delay Time Accuracy ±50ppm (any interval ≥1ms)
Delta Time Measurement Accuracy (Full Bandwidth) Single: ±(1 Sample interval + 50ppm × reading + 0.6 ns)
>16 averages: ±(1Sample interval + 50ppm × reading + 0.4 ns)
A/D Converter 8-bit resolution, all channels sample simultaneously
Volts/div Range 2mV/div~10V/div (at the input terminal connecting to BNC)
Maximum Input Maximum input voltage on analog channel
CAT I 300Vrms, 1000Vpk; instantaneous overvoltage 1000Vpk
CAT II 100Vrms, 1000Vpk
RP2200 10:1:CAT II 300Vrms
RP3200 10:1:CAT II 300Vrms
RP3300 10:1:CAT II 300Vrms
Offset Range ±40V (250mV/div~10V/div)
±2V (2mV/div~245mV/div)
Analog Bandwidth 100MHz (DS1102D,DS1102E)
50MHz (DS1052D, DS1052E)
Single-shot Bandwidth 100MHz (DS1102D, DS1102E)
50MHz (DS1052D, DS1052E)
Selectable Analog Bandwidth Limit (typical) 20MHz
Lower Frequency Response (AC –3dB) ≤5Hz (at input BNC)
Rise Time at BNC (typical) <3.5ns, <7ns, respectively at 100MHz, 50MHz
Dynamic range ±5div
DC Gain Accuracy 2mV/div-5mV/div:
±4% (In Normal or Average acquisition mode)
±3% (In Normal or Average acquisition mode)
DC Measurement Accuracy, Average Acquisition Mode When vertical displacement is zero, and N ≥16: ±(DC Gain Accuracy×reading+0.1div+1mV)
When vertical displacement is not zero, and N ≥16: ±[DC Gain Accuracy×(reading+vertical displacement)+(1% of vertical displacement) + 0.2div]
When vertical scale is between 2mV/div and 245mV/div, add 2mV more for setting value.
When vertical scale is between 250mV/div and 10V/div, add 50mV more for setting value.
Delta Volts
Measurement Accuracy
(Average Acquisition Mode)
Under sam e setting and condition, the voltage difference (?V) between any two points in the waves coming from the average of more than 16 waves have been acquired: ±(DC Gain Accuracy×reading + 0.05 div)
Trigger Sensitivity 0.1div~1.0div (adjustable)
Trigger Level Range Internal ±6 divisions from center of screen
EXT ±1.2V
Trigger Level Accuracy (typical) applicable for the signal of rising and falling time ≥20ns y Internal ±(0.3div × V/div)(±4 divisions from center of screen)
EXT ±(6% of setting + 200 mV)
Trigger Offset In Normal mode: pre-trigger (memory depth/ 2*Sample rate), delayed trigger 1s
In Slow Scan mode: pre-trigger 6div, delayed trigger 6div
Trigger Holdoff Range 500ns~1.5s
Set Level to 50% (typical) When input signal frequency ≥50Hz
Edge Trigger
Edge trigger slope Rising, Falling, Rising + Falling
Pulse WidthTrigger
Trigger Condition (>, <, =) Positive pulse width, (>, <, =) Negative pulse width
Pulse Width Range 20ns ~10s
Video Trigger
Video Standard Line Frequency Support for standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcast systems. Line number range: 1~525 (NTSC) and 1~625 (PAL/SECAM)
Slope Trigger
Trigger Condition (>, <, =) Positive slope, (>, <, =) Negative slope
Time Setting 20ns~10s
Alternate Trigger
Trigger on CH1 Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope
Trigger on CH2 Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope
Pattern Trigger [2]
Pattern Type D0~D15 select H, L, X, ,
Duration Trigger [2]
Pattern Type D0~D15 select H, L, X
Qualifier >, <, =
Time Setting 20ns~10s
Manual Voltage difference between cursors (∆V)
Time difference between cursors (∆T)
Reciprocal of ∆T in Hertz (1/∆T)
Track Voltage value for Y-axis waveform
Time value for X-axis waveform
Auto Cursors are visible for Automatic Measurement
Auto Measure Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Overshoot, Preshoot, Freq, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay1→2 , Delay1→2
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