Rishabh 6012/6013/6015/6016 Bluetooth Multimeter


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Rishabh 6012/6013/6015/6016 Bluetooth Multimeter
  •  Data logger & View function (up to 32000 readings – 6016, 6015)
  •  Bluetooth Connectivity with Mobile via android App & PC
  •  Data logging facility in mobile and setting of parameters via mobile through App.
  •  100kHz bandwidth for voltage measurement (6016)
  •  1kHz Low Pass Filter mode (6013, 6015, 6016)
  •  GO-NO-GO function
  •  VAC with 1MOhm impedance 4-20mA/0-20mA scale type measurement
  •  (6015, 6016)
  •  Single fuse for mA & A
  •  Adjustable square wave output (6015, 6016)
  •  Temperature measurement with J, K, Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors
  •  External power adapter for long hours of measurements
  •  Selectable clamp ratio for current measurement
  •  Conductance Measurement
  •  Frequency / Time Period Measurement

The new 6012/6013/6015/6016 Bluetooth multimeter is advanced instrument meeting the needs of today’s technology with a Bluetooth communication and Android based application for mobile phones, so now all the data is made available on your mobile screen. It is made for professional use that offers safety, high resolution, large range count, reliability, ruggedness, a complete tool for test automation and is equipped with more than 30 different measuring functions

Instead of cable, the higher communication distance can be achieved (10m) which also allows a safe distance for analysis in hazardous areas, meter can be connected and readings can be viewed. Graphical and Tabular analysis is possible over android application as well as Data logging facility and setting of parameters via mobile can be done. So whole data is made available on screen of mobiles. The application supports Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly bean, Kitkat & lollypop versions of android.


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  • Rishabh 6012/6013/6015/6016 Bluetooth Multimeter