Rishabh Active or Reactive Transducer - P11


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Rishabh Active or Reactive Transducer - P11
The Transducer RISH Ducer E13 is used to convert a 3 sine wave AC Voltage or AC Current (depending on types) into a (load independent DC current or load independent DC Voltage) 3 output signal. That can serve several receiving instruments such as indicators, recorders, alarm units etc.
Features / Benefits
* Up to 3 measuring inputs: AC currents or AC voltages sine wave-form, arithmetical mean value measurement, calibration to rms with sine wave form.
* Three measuring outputs: DC current signal (load-independent) or DC voltage signal
* Low power consumption / Smaller CT’s & VT’s can be used
* Provision for either snapping the transducer onto top - hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel
* Manufactured in SMD technology/compact & reliable
* Screw terminals suitable for multistrand or thick solid wires.
* Electric isolation between input / output and power supply (3.7 kV) / personnel protection assured
* Electric isolation between channels is 500V
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  • Rishabh Active or Reactive Transducer - P11