Rishabh Frequency Transducer - F11/ F12


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Rishabh Frequency Transducer - F11/ F12
The RISH Ducer F11 / F12 measuring transducer is used for frequency measurement. The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either a load - independent DC current or a load - independent DC voltage.
Features / Benefits
* Measuring output : DC current signal or DC voltage signal (Load independent) directly proportional to the change of input within a specified span.
* Electrical isolation between all transducer connection circuits / prevents interference voltages and currents being transmitted.
* Narrow housing, 35 mm /saves space and therefore cost.
* Provision for either snapping the transducer onto top-hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel.
* Two isolated outputs (Optional)
* Electric isolation between output 1 and output 2 is 500V
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  • Rishabh Frequency Transducer - F11/ F12