Rishabh Isolating Amplifier Rish ducer TV808


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Rishabh Isolating Amplifier Rish ducer TV808
The purpose of the isolating amplifier RISH Ducer TV 808  is to electrically insulate input and output signals, respectively to amplify and / or change the signal level or type (current or voltage) of the input signals.
The amplifier fulfils all the important requirements and regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility EMC and safety (IEC 1010 resp. EN 61 010). It was developed and is manufactured and tested in strict accordance with the quality assurance standard ISO 9001.
The device has two channels and provides two independent isolating amplifiers in an extremely small space. The user has a wide choice of input and output ranges and can set the desired one with the aid of soldered jumpers (coarse adjustment) and potentiometers (fine adjustment).
A version with one input and two outputs is available that enables two electrically insulated outputs to be obtained from a single input signal. 
* 252 standard input and output combinations selected by soldered jumpers
* User - specific input and / or output ranges
* Isolating amplifier with one input two electrically insulated outputs.
* Power supply 24 ... 60 V DC / AC or 85 ... 230 V DC / AC please request our data sheet TV 808 - 11 Le for single – channels versions.
Features and Benefits
* Electric Isolation between input, output and power supply, prevents falsified measurement due to spurious potentials.
* Flexibility provided by more than 250 different input and output combinations selected by simply positioning soldered jumpers, helps in reduced stocking.
* Processes unipolar / bipolar and live zero signals provision for raising burden and signal conversion Green LED signals indicates device in operating condition.
* High Electrical Insulation between input and output - 2.3 kV, and power supply versus all other circuits - 3.7 kV
* Provision for either snapping the isolating amplifier onto top – hat rails or securing it with screw to a wall or panel.
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