Rishabh Phase Angle Difference Transducer - C12


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Rishabh Phase Angle Difference Transducer - C12
The transducer RISH Ducer C12 converts the phase angel difference of two synchronized supplies into an output signal that can serve several receiving Instruments such as indicators, recorder, alarm units etc.
* Measuring inputs: Sine or distorted wave-forms of nominal input current and nominal input voltage



Nominal input


Measuring range


Phase Angle difference 10 to 660 V ± 60 and 175° el


Measuring output: DC current signal ( load - independent ) or DC voltage signal
Measuring principle: Measurement of the zero crossing interval
Electric isolation between all transducer connection circuits / Prevents interference voltages and currents being transmitted
Narrow housing, 70 mm / Saves space and therefore costs
Snaps onto a DIN rail or screws onto a wall or panel / Adaptable to the circumstances at the place of installation
The device fulfils the protection requirements of the EMC guidelines (89/336/EWG). The device bears the CE symbol for EMC
Screw terminals suitable for multistrand or solid wires / Easy wiring without problems
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