Rishabh RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC


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Rishabh RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC
Product Features
Measures following parameters
* AC&DC Voltageupto1000V
* AC&DCCurrent upto 1000A/400 A
* Inrush/Peak ValueMeasurement
* Active,Reactive andApparentPower
* Horse PowerMeasurement
* kWh
* Measure up to49thHarmonics
* PhaseAngle
* DF
* Power Factor
* Crest Factor
* LPFMode forVFDApplication
RISH POWER1000A/400A is a highly Clamp innovative design for features those increasessafety and comfort of user.
*  Rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at physically awkward positions, vertical bus bars, conductors placed at positions difficult to access.
*  Clamp jaws can be opened or closed with the trigger placed at bottom side away from the jaws. This allows the user to place his/her hand at safer distance from live conductor. This greatly reduces exposure of human beings to electrical shocks.
*  Location and design of trigger eliminates fatigues caused by single finger operation. It allows spreading the force required to open the jaws over more than one finger to ensure
comfortable operation.
*  Comfortable operation of push buttons and function selector switch, in adverse field conditions.
Large JawOpening
Jaw opening of 51mm and 41 mm for standard wire diameter of 50mmand 40mmfor 1000A and 400Arespectively.
Inrush CurrentMeasurement
Clampmeter will be triggered by inrush current >5A. Inrush current for 100msec ismeasured.
DATAHold Function
By pressing DATA HOLD button, reading on the display can be latched forHands free operation.
By pressing MIN/MAX button, the clamp meter will start recording latestMinimum andMaximumreadings
It is possible to conductmeasurement using the clampmeter during poor light conditionwith the help of brightwhite lightBacklit.
Non Contact VoltageDetection
The clamp meter can detect the presence of AC Voltage between 100 to 1000 V 50hz/60Hz without any electrical connection and give acoustic signal as an indication.
Three Phase PowerMeasurement
Clamp meter can measure power in 3 phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 wire (Symmetric as well as Asymmetric) network without any manual calculation like other clampmeters.
Dual Display
User friendly dual display shows the simultaneous parameters of measuring input quantity.
LPFmode is available for voltage and current for truemeasurement of VFDApplication
In order to calculate true value of distorted waveform due to presence of high crest factor or harmonics,TRMSmeasurements is done forAC voltage and current
Auto PowerOFF
In order to save the power of the Batteries, the clamp meter will automatically shut OFF if it detects no activity for 10 minutes.
In thismode,AUTOPOWEROFFis disabled.
LowBattery Indication
Double molded Cover for soft touch and firm grip of the Instrument
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