Rishabh Rish Vista.


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Rishabh Rish Vista.
  • Measuring and indication of AC amps, volts and DC signals.
  • Panel mounting.
  • High torque pivot and jewel movement.
  • True RMS measurement meters.
  • AC and DC inputs.
  • Up to 50A DC direct connected.
  • Up to 50A AC direct connected.
  • Moving iron and moving coil mechanisms.
  • ANSI standard case sizes.
  • Easy to modify for distributions.
  • Compliant with : ANSI C39.1 
Moving Coil Meter
These meters offers a centre cored, self shielding moving coil movement using hair spring, pivots and spring loaded jewels. Variations in movement are limited by design. All DC volt meters are 1000 ohms per volt, moving coil rectified products run at 900 ohms per volt. (Milivolt meter use the 5 miliamps/50mV resistance).
Moving Iron Meter
This clapper type repulsion design utilizes a. hair spring, pivots and spring loaded jewels. The bottom jewel is oil filled to provide damping while the top is spring for resilience. All voltments are manufactured with internal voltage dropper resistors.
Frequency Meter
Frequency meters use a 1mA/36ohm movement driven by an EMC hard frequency conversion circuit.
Dials, Pointers and Scales
Standard dials are matt white black printed scales and a tubular knife-edge black pointer are balanced within 1% of scale length and feature a highly repeatable scale shape, ensuring consistently accurate measurement reading. Dials are interchangeable between the range of products using the same input within the published specification of the meter. Options for non standard customer specific dials are available upon request.
  • Marine
  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Control panels
  • Embedded generation
  • Energy management
  • Building management
  • Utility power monitoring
  • Process control
  • Motor monitoring
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  • Rishabh Rish Vista.