Zoglab PG6000 Pressure Generator


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Zoglab PG6000 Pressure Generator

PG6000 fully automatic pressure generator is a ideal choice for pressure automatic calibration, and it can generate and reach to any pressure within 300hpa to 1100hpa with built-in high accuracy pumping source and the pressure controlling resolution could reach 0.001hpa, and several communication interfaces and internal & external pressure standards are available.

PG6000 automatic pressure generator series contain two independently accurate pressure controlling and changeable channels. When the standard pressure range is lower than 15psi for gauge pressure or 30psi for absolute pressure, the pressure source is powered by the mini internal pressure generator, so no need for a external power supply.

Pressure control range: 300~1100hPa
Pressure control accuracy: ±0.010%FS
Pressure control resolution: 0.001hPa
Control stability: ±0.002%FS
Control speed: 5~100hPa/min adjustable(load 1L)
Pressure measuring range: 100~1100hPa
Pressure accuracy: ±0.010%FS(Optimal)
Pressure resolution: 0.001hPa
Standard pressure regulator: Internal or external regulator
Calibration cycle: The 365 day
Display area: 9" Diagonal TFT LCD Module
Touch panel: Capacitive touch screen
Backlight: LED backlight , adjustable brightness
Interface: RS232 / 485 , USB , LAN , Wi-Fi
Pressure interface: ф4 quick coupling
Power requirements: 100~240VAC , 50 / 60Hz,50W(Maximum power)
External standard interface: RS232
Working temperature: 10~40℃
Working humidity: 10%~95%RH(No condensation)
Working pressure: 100~1100hPa
Storage temperature: -20~70℃
Preheating time: <5 mins
Logging interval: 1 seconds~24 hours
Data recording time: According to the internal memory capacity
EMC: EN50081-1 Class B , EN50082-1 Class B
ESD Protection: ±25KV
Weight: 16.5kg
Dimenstions: 442×389×190mm(4U standard 19 inch rack)

Standard pressure regulator Internal or external regulator
Calibration cycle 365 day
Display area 9", 800 × 480 TFT LCD display
Touch panel Capacitive touch screen
Backlight LED backlight, adjustable brightness
Interface RS232 / 485, USB, LAN , Wi-Fi (optional function)
Pressure interface ф4 quick coupling
Power supply 100~240VAC 1.3A, 50 / 60Hz
External standard interface RS232
Working temperature 10~40℃
Working humidity 10%~95%RH(No condensation)
Working pressure 100~1100hPa
Storage temperature -20~70℃
Preheating time <5 mins="" td="">
Logging interval 1 seconds~24 hours
Data recording time According to the internal memory capacity
EMC EN 50081-1 Class B , EN 50082-1 Class B
ESD Protection ±25KV
Weight 16.5kg

442×389×190mm(4U standard 19 inch rack)


Pressure control range 300~1100hPa
Pressure control accuracy ±0.010%FS
Pressure control resolution 0.001hPa
Control stability ±0.002%FS
Control speed 5~100hPa/min adjustable(load 1L)
Pressure measuring range 100~1100hPa
Pressure accuracy ±0.010%FS(Optimal±0.008%FS)
Pressure resolution 0.001hPa
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