Zoglab SG6


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Zoglab SG6

Signal Generator & Calibrator


SG6 is an intelligent signal calibrator with high-precision measurement calibration and signal generator in one . It can simultaneously output / measure multiple electrical signals, and supports a variety of communication modes, such as RS485 bus, HART, Wi-Fi, BT, GPRS, GPS, Compass, etc., with functionality, practicality, convenience.
With six working modes of measuring, generation, calibration, logging, communication, file, it means SG6 is not only a calibrator, but also a perfect combination of digital multimeter, signal generator, data logger, field communicator and file manager. With such a multifunctional machine for easy operation, paperless calibration and file management, SG6 makes your work more efficient and accurate.


Display: 7" Diagonal 800×480 TFT LCD Module
Touch panel: Capacitive touch screen
Backlight: LED backlight , adjustable brightness
Button: Power key , HOME key , OK key , Four direction key
Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion polymer,2600 mAh,7.4V × 2, Support hot
Charging time: About 4 hours
Battery lifetime: 8~12 hours
External voltage: DC12V , 4A
Working temperature: 10~40℃
Working humidity: 10%~95%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature: -20~70℃
Preheating time: On 5 minutes, meet the design requirements
Refresh frequency: 0.5s
Logging inerval: 1 seconds~24 hours
Data recording time: According to the storage capacity, data can be exported
Internal storage: 1G
External storage: Support SD / SDHC card , MAX 32G
Alarm: High level and low level , calibration cycle overrun alarm
EMC: EN50081-1 Class B , EN50082-1 Class B
ESD Protection: ±25KV
IP Class: IP65
Weight: 1.2kg Dimensions: 255×195×55mm

Voltage measurement
Range 1 -1~1V
Resolution 1μV
Accuracy ±3μV
Range 2 -10~10V
Resolution 0.01mV
Accuracy ±0.2mV
Input impedance > 2MΩ
Support units V, mV, μV
RES Measurement
Range 0~2000Ω
Resolution 0.001Ω
Accuracy ±0.005Ω
Measuring current 0.5mA, 1mA
Support units Ω,KΩ
4 Wires The same measuring technical specification
3 Wires Add 10mΩ
Digital coding
Type 7/8 Gray Code
Electrical level 5V, 12V
Trigger Effective for high or low electrical level
Current measurement
Range 4~20mA
Resolution 1μA
Accuracy ±5μA
Input impedance < 10Ω
Support units mA, μA
Loop supply Internal supply 24V±10%(MAX 55mA)/ External 60VDC(MAX)
Freq measurement
Range 0~100KHz
Resolution 0.001Hz
Accuracy ±0.01Hz
Input impedance > 1MΩ
Support units Hz, KHz
Pulse measurement
Range 0~99999
Resolution 1 pulse
Accuracy 1 pulse
Input impedance > 1MΩ
Trigger level

dry content, wet content(Trigger level 2.0V)

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