Zoglab TL100 Temperature Data Logger


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Zoglab TL100 Temperature Data Logger

· Economical and recyclable temperature data logger
· Mass memory of 30,000 or 60,000 units
· Small, light, particularly fit for logging temperature in transit
· LED indicators showing record and working status; 2-year battery lifetime


Features & Advantages

Small size, low cost
TL100 data logger is especially designed to be small for cold chain cargo.

Dual LED indicators
Record and alarm status are directly shown via indicators

One key, multiple functions
The only existing button to start / stop recording or to clear recorded data.

Safety design, strict EMC test
TL100 temperature data logger is strictly designed and manufactured according to the requirements of CE, FCC and RoHS.

Water-proof sheath
A transparent PP sheath matches with each TL100 temperature data logger for better water-proof.



Measuring Data

T Measuring Range -30℃~70℃
T Accuracy ±0.5℃
T Resolution 0.1℃/0.2℉


Memory Size 30,000[Yellow] / 60,000[Green] / 450,000[Purple] / 900,000[Red]
Alarm Red/Green LED indicator , High level and low level , Record status / High or low temperature / Low battery
Logging Interval 2seconds~24hours
Start with Delay Time 1~120s
Start Mode Key operation / Start immediately / Delay start
End mode Key operation / Full / FIFO
Storage Temperature -50℃~90℃
ESD Protection ±25KV
Interface USB 2.0
Battery 3.6V lithium battery ×1
Battery Lifetime 2 years
Software ANALYSIS 3
IP Class IP64

Sensing Probe

Model NTC / Digital Sensor

General Feature

Dimensions 70×45×18mm
Housing ABS+PC,flame-retardant,toxicity and halogen free
Weight 48g
Sold Out
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  • Zoglab TL100 Temperature Data Logger
  • Zoglab TL100 Temperature Data Logger