Zoglab TM2000 Precision Temperature Meter

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Zoglab TM2000 Precision Temperature Meter

TM2000 is a high accuracy meter(small bridge), and can connect first class standard platinum resistance, supporting both PT25 and PT100, and the temperature resolution can reach to 0.1mK(0.0001℃). TM2000 is equipped with high-bright display, so clear reading could be effective under sunshine; Series, Ethernet and USB communication interfaces are available; Built-in battery can unceasingly work for more than 12 hours, humanized design and convenient operation.


Record length: According to the storage capacity, data can be exported to U flash disc
Maximum record data: According to the memory capacity
Probe calibration data: The calibration data to support the 128 probe
Self calibration: Zero calibration, full scale calibration
Alarm: Each channel can be set to 4 temperature alarm, alarm calibration cycle
IP Class: IP65


Temperature stability 0.5ppm / ℃
Long-term stability 6ppm / year
Measuring period Two channel 2 seconds
Drive current 1.0mA / 1.5mA
Display unit ℃、℉、K、Ω
Logging interval 1 seconds~24 hours
Maximum record data Internal 8000 units, external U Flash disk
Probe configuration data Support configuration data for 128 probes
Front probe data Four core special socket
Post probe data Multipurpose socket
Measurement calibration Fixed point calibration, linear calibration
Interface RS232 / 485, USB, Ethernet (LAN), Web Service
Working environment 10~40℃ , 10%~95%RH(No condensation)
Storage environment -20~70℃ , 10%~95%RH(No condensation)
AC power 100~240VAC 0.5A、50~60Hz
Battery 7.4V 2600mAH , lithium polymer battery
Battery lifetime ≤12 hours(Continuous work)
EMC EN 50081-1 Class B , EN 50082-1 Class B
ESD Protection ±25KV
Weight 1.2kg



T Measuring range -189~960℃
T Accuracy ±0.005℃(Host machine),±0.005℃(PT25 first),±0.01℃(PT25 second)
T Resolution 0.001℃(could update to 0.0001℃)
RES Measuring range 0Ω~400Ω
RES Accuracy ±0.0005Ω(0Ω~20Ω),±25ppm(20Ω~400Ω)
RES Resolution



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