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June 2016


This device is a wireless alarm, monitoring and logger  both  temperature & humidity.

 Applications include freezer/ chiller/ hot water/ growth chambers/ greenhouse /pharma/vet/medical/warehouse  etc.

 Here are some of its features:

  • It has three sensors, ambient temperature and humidity plus another  temperature probe  on a cable
  • Besides being a monitor, logger and alarm, it can also control  and be used as a thermostat
  • SMS operation-  data and configuration queries can be done via SMS- You can monitor and receive Alarms on your mobile via SMS Text messaging and you can also assign  9  more mobile users 
  • Highly configurable and easy to use remotely (so marketing?)
  • Logged historic temperature and humidity data can be downloaded with Wifi or GPRS for archiving or analysis.
  • Set up  the data logger - Set how you want the device to record the data (timer, saving data options, etc.)
  • Set up temperature and humidity alarm - Set the highest and lowest temperature  / humidity point on each sensor 
  • Set up  the two additional Digital input alarms   ( possible door alarms ) 
  • Control the three digital output relays with SMS Text messaging 
  • Set up the SMS users 

- 10 users can be assigned to monitor and  receive alarms 

- These users will receive alarm  via sms, monitor data with sms, etc. 

- Setup  sms commands to control the T20

  • Set up GPRS  and Wifi parameters for downloading the data log into a server. 

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ZOGLAB - New and improved NANO temperature loggers!

  1. Logging interval is supported to configure from 2s-24hrs.
  2. PDF reportwill be generated automatically once connected with PC, no need software.
  3. Memory size has been improved to 60,000 units.
  4. Table data list can also be included.

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NEW! Siglent Technologies Announces SDS1000DL+/CML+ Series Digital Oscilloscope


Siglent Technologies has announced the new SDS1000DL+/CML+ series of digital oscilloscopes.
When compared to the older SDS1000DL/CML families, the new + models have added several powerful features. While retaining their intuitive layout and user interface, the new + scopes have kept the large 7 inch TFT-LCD display but now include a higher screen resolution which helps in analyzing on-screen signals. The new + series now also comes with standard LAN interfacing in addition to the existing USB found on the earlier models.
The new SDS1000DL+/CML+ have kept the same low prices as the original SDS1000DL/CML.

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 May 2016

TESTO Smart Probes

ASIAN ELECTRON has launched its series of Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Bypass Function (STS)

HAITRONIC - DC Power Supplies

BRIGHT ALLIANCE TECHNOLOGY - BH77 IP65 Ruggedized 7inch Industrial tablet

TRIPP LITE HDMI Cable Buying Guide

TESTO Smart Probes - High precision instruments supplied with calibration certificates that uses your smart phone at extremely affordable prices.

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Part # 

Smart Probes

0560 1405

testo 405i - Thermal Anemometer

0560 1410

testo 410i - Vane-Anemometer

0560 1510

testo 510i - Differential Pressure Meter

0560 1549

testo 549i - High Pressure Meter

0560 1605

testo 605i - Thermohygrometer

0560 1115

testo 115i - Clamp thermometer

0560 1905

testo 905i - Ambient Thermometer

0560 1805

testo 805i - Infrared-Thermometer

0563 0002

Smart Probes - Refrigeration Set

0563 0003

Smart Probes - VAC Set

0563 0004

Smart Probes - Heating Set


GPIB to VXI to Ethernet- Click here for ICS catalogue


  • Ethernet Connectivity and the VXI-11 Protocol
  • LAN (Ethernet) to GPIB Controllers (Gateways)
  • Ethernet Interfaces
  • GPIB Bus Description
  • GPIB Bus Controllers
  • GPIB Bus Extension Products
  • GPIB Interface Products
  • GPIB ANSI and Modbus Controllers
  • Data Acquisition and Control Products
  • GPIB - Digital Interface Cards
  • GPIB - Serial Interface Cards
  • Serial Interface Modules and Boards
  • Interfaces and Prototyping Kits
  • Module Shield Kits
  • Accessories and Rack Mounting Kits
  • Terminal Boards and Relay Driver Boards
  • Board Accessories and Connectors


April 2016




Test Equipment NZ carries a wide array of temperature data loggers from trusted manufacturers worldwide.

We have high quality, portable temperature data loggers for monitoring temperature and humidity which can be used in laboratory production, storage environment, freezers, chillers and during transportation and distribution of fragile and sensitive items. 

Our data loggers come with an easy to use software/ installer that will allow you to connect it to your PCs, laptops and mobile devices for data streaming and saving for achieving purposes. 

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This NZ made and designed technology will start and run 3-phase motors either off a small low cost single phase generator or any single phase AC mains supply.

Some applications so far: well pumps, water blasters, standard pumps, agricultural equipment such as fans, presses and compressors, any generator-powered equipment, conveyor drives, workshop machinery, car stackers, meat grinders, pipe benders and more.

Here are some of the advantages that Fastec offers:

  • Will start motors to power company standards without compromising performance.

  • Starts the motor “off line” and disconnects the starter section from the motor  when the motor is started. Voltage drop on the AC power supply is minimized with this process, allowing the motor to start  with full voltage, not labour with under voltage.

  • This results in lower transient in-rush currents for significantly shorter times than other starting methods.

  • Prevents heat build up in the motor.

  • A motor can have unlimited starts per hour without risk of damage.

  • Allows the motor to be single phase fuse protected.

  • Confirms when a motor is started.

  • Can solve problem motor starting.

  • Can start motors on power supplies where voltage drop may prevent other motor starters from being successful.

  • Fastec Start contains a microprocessor, and I/O and Bluetooth capability that make it possible to customise for the inclusion of  control operations, such as pump controllers.

  • Lower cost, easier installs.

Fastec case studies

Fastec for Grinding/Milling machine, Water blaster, Submersible pump, Rural butchery, Oiling machine, Car stacker, Table saw - http://fastec.co.nz/case-studies/

Demo videos:

Feel free to send us an email or give us a call for more information or to arrange a schedule for Fastec demo.





  • Oscilloscope (Handheld, Nano Pocket, USB)

  • DC Power Supply

  • Digital Multimeter


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