Accel TS200 Modulated Power Supply


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Accel TS200 Modulated Power Supply


LDO PSRR Measurements

Battery simulator

Amplifiers PSRR/CMRR Measurements

Function generator amplifier

Helmholtz Coils Driver

Four quadrant power supply

Line transient response test

Piezo driver/amplifier


The TS200 Modulated Power Supply is a unique instrument for many bench test and measurement applications. It combines a four-quadrant power supply and a laboratory power amplifier. The TS200 is ideal for testing application such as LDO PSRR measurement, battery simulator, op amp CMRR measurement, signal generator amplifier, step response test, bipolar power supply, lab power amplifier and more.

The TS200 Modulated power supply can output DC or AC voltage or both.  For example, it can output a 3.3V DC voltage with a 300mVpp AC sinewave riding on top of it. The DC voltage output is adjusted by the OFFSET knob and AC voltage is modulated by the MODULATION input. The modulation input modulates the output to produce any desired waveform.


PSRR Measurement

TS200 is ideal for power supply rejection ratio or PSRR measurement. PSRR is commonly tested for LDO regulators, op amps, audio amps, etc. TS200 is especially powerful for LDO PSRR testing at high load current (See Application Section). TS200 can also test op amp PSRR and CMRR. Conventional regulator PSRR test techniques such as capacitor or inductor coupled unable to support high LDO load current (i.e. >1A). Various PSRR measurement techniques are outlined below in this datasheet. The application section shows how to measure power supply rejection using network analyzer. The TS200 is designed to work with network analyzers such as Omicron Lab Bode 100, AP Instruments (Ridley) model 300, Agilent 4395A, and Audio Precision SYS2722

Waveform Amplifier

TS200 is also ideal as a function generator amplifier for amplifying waveforms. It can drive high current or high power or high voltage load. The TS20 high voltage amplifier can output up to 70V. As a waveform amplifier, it accepts AC or DC input from a function generator and amplify the waveform by a factor of 10. TS200 is also great for pulse amplifier and laboratory power amplifier.

Battery Simulator

TS200 modulated power supply can source or sink current. It can be use as a battery simulator. The TS200 has a variable DC output that can easily simulate battery voltage changes. Thus it is great for battery charger testing such as those in battery operated portable electronic systems.

Four Quadrant Power Supply

TS200 is a four quadrant power supply, sometime referred to as bipolar power supply. It can output both positive and negative voltage and it can source and sink current up 3.5A. It is sometime refer to bipolar operational amplifier

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