Adlink PXIS-2719A 19-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC


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Adlink PXIS-2719A 19-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC


  • PXI Hardware Specification Rev. 2.2 compliant
  • Rack-mountable 19-slot PXI chassis with one system slot and eighteen PXI/CompactPCI peripheral slots
  • Advanced forced-cooling mechanism for efficient and uniform heat dissipation
  • External 10 MHz reference clock input via BNC connector
  • 0°C to 55°C extended operating temperature range
  • Intelligent chassis monitoring/control: Automatic fan speed control, chassis status monitoring /exporting and remote chassis power on/off control
  • 600 W industrial-grade AC power supply
  • Power, temperature and fan monitoring LEDs


The ADLINK PXIS-2719A is a 3U PXI chassis with a series of advanced features:
  • An innovative cooling mechanism to deliver efficient and uniform heat dissipation
  • Superior stability within an extended temperature range
  • Intelligent chassis management that dynamically monitors and manages fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature
  • Remote management via standard RS-232 monitoring port
The PXIS-2719A is compliant with PXI and CompactPCI specifications and provides one system slot and eighteen peripheral slots. It is designed to meet or exceed application requirements by providing a large slot capacity, extended operating temperature range, and excellent heat dissipation in a lightweight and robust design.

The PXIS-2719A includes an Industrial-grade 600 W AC power supply to provide ample reliable power to the entire system. The PXIS-2719A is designed with an external 10 MHz reference clock input, front panel LED indicators, and easy-access PXI/CompactPCI slots with card guides for convenient installation and use. With innovative features and robust design, the PXIS-2719 is your best choices of PXI platform for all your test and measurement requirements.
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  • Adlink PXIS-2719A 19-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC