Atten KPS3050 DA Power Supply


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Atten KPS3050 DA Power Supply



Application fields:
● Automotive electronic testing
● Photovoltaic new energy field
● Education, scientific research, laboratory
● Electromechanical field
● LED lighting field
● Other testing,
● Product aging use 

Product features :

1.The product has functions of adjustable constant voltage and constant current, and automatically switches state according to load.
2.Switching power supply structure, with features of high power, high efficiency, light weight and strong load capacity.
3.Perfect protection function, short-circuit protection, over- temperature protection, over-voltage protection.
4.The voltage adjustment is made by multi-turn potentiometer, with higher adjustment accuracy.
5.High-power temperature-controlled fan automatically dissipates heat according to the internal temperature of the machine.
6. Full power design with high reliability.


Model KPS3030DA KPS3050DA
Rated output voltage 0-30V (adjustable)
Rated output current 0-30A (adjustable) 0-50A (adjustable)
AC input voltage range AC 230V ±10% 50Hz
Load stability 0.1% ±2mV
Voltage display accuracy 0.1V ±2 digit
Current display accuracy 0.1A ±3 digit
Power stability 0.1% ±2mV
Insulation resistance ≥ 7MΩ
Cooling method wind cooling
Work method Constant-current constant-voltage
Working environment 0-40°C relative humidity <80%
Dimensions, mm 390 × 250 × 200
Weight, kg 6.5
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