Atten ST-80 Solder Station


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Atten ST-80 Solder Station

ATTEN ST-80 Solder station

The ST80 is the new 80 watt version of the new ST solder series from ATTEN. This new serie who is more economical due it high preformance and new features.

-Smart function detection for working or non working modes.
-Intelligent cooling and temperature recovery
-Automatic standby and shutdown to ensure personal and property safety ( and extend product life )
-Complete new design with nice LCD disply and new user interface
-Visual overview on the heating process with status bar
-3 button store and retrive prefer heating settings
-Temperature locking, MCU controlled temperature calibration
-Low voltage heater is compleately isolated from the mains input

The Atten ST-80 is a newly designed, more intelligent, more reliable, more economical and more convenient digital small size soldering station with 80 W heating element for temperatures of 150 - 480 °C. This product has been favored by plenty of users on its launch with excellent and reliable features. Its light handle is suitable for long-time operation and the stabilized and accurate temperature supports smooth operation.

Special Features

  • Brand new design and LCD display screen to display various setting parameters
  • Smart recognition for working and non-working status
  • Intelligent cooling and temperature recovery
  • Automatic standby, shutdown to ensure personal and property safety which also can extend product life
  • 3 keys to store and retrieve frequently used temperature values quickly
  • Low-voltage power supply used on the heater, anti-static, no creepage, no interference
  • Unique temperature locking devices to prevent from adjusting the temperature improperly
  • Temperature 150 - 480 °C, stable and accurate, 80 W heating power
  • Same as the soldering tips of international brand, optional soldering tips according to the different working conditions of users

Included Tip

Soldering Tip 900M-T-SI

Atten Soldering Tip, conical, 0.2 mm, short version


  • Details
    Soldering Station Atten ST-80
  • Input Voltage
    230 V AC 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption
    80 W (max.)
  • Temperature Range
    150 - 480 °C
  • Tip and ground Impedance
    < 2 Ohm
  • Tip and ground potential
    < 2 mv
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
    11.0 cm x 9.5 cm x 16.8 cm
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