Bravo Communications BNC/LAN PROTECTOR


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Bravo Communications BNC/LAN PROTECTOR



Note: Model BNC/LAN F/F is Female/Female Version


Protects EthemeVThinNet, ARCNET & Token Ring ports. May also be used to protect other BNC coaxial cable equipment such as in IBM 3270 networks and video applications. Protects center pin & shield.



Bravo's Sure/Fire family of LAN Protectors stops allforms of LAN damaging voltage transients (spikes and surges) that are prevalent in the l-AN cable environment. The mass of cable segments exposed in a typical LAN environment act as antennae for attracting (inducing) damaging lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD) energy waveforms.

The worldwide IEEE and ISO l-AN Standards cite four electrical and safety hazards which l-AN networks are susceptible to and recommend precautions from:

  1. Direct contact between local network components and power or lighting circuits. 
  2. Static charge build-up on local network cables and components.
  3. High-energy transients coupled onto the local network cabling system (those included by other cables which are installed in the general proximity of network cables).
  4. Potential differences between sabty grounds to which various netwoft components are connected (such as the slight differences which may be bund in safety grounds from one buibing to another).


  • Spikes can also be caused by fluctuating AC lines, blackouts, or brownouts. They can be passed onto the network by lack of proper AC spike and surge protection.
  • Unique 3-Stage Protection on allsignal lines (the highest protection available).
  • Stops all voltage transients greater than 18 Volts and up to 25K Amps per line in less than a pico-second.
  • Shielded all-metal enclosures or shielded plastic fire-proof enclosures.
  • Diamond-Shaped Protection Test Light.
  • Meets or exceeds Level 5 network requirements
  • Automatic Self Recovery. o High-Quality LAN Signal Design allows high speeds to 155 Mhz.
  • 100% Complete Package includes LAN insertion cable and heavy-duty grounding wire.
  • Every unit has passed a rigorous set of signal and functional tests.
  • Fails Short if overstressed
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  • Bravo Communications BNC/LAN PROTECTOR
  • Bravo Communications BNC/LAN PROTECTOR