Bravo Communications DATACOM Protector - RJ45SB


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Bravo Communications DATACOM Protector - RJ45SB

RJ45SB -  Sure/Fire RJ45 RS422/423/485 DATACOM Protector 


Bravo's Sure/Fire Model RJ45SB is an universal solid state RS-422/423/485 Serial DATACOM Protector that stops all forms of damaging voltage transients (spikes and surges) that are prevalent in typical differential serial cable environments.

This unit provides protection on all 8 signals of its RJ45 connectors and comes packaged complete with both RJ45 and RJ12 patch cables for easy insertion directly into the serial interface port requiring protection. This close proximity protection at the source provides the fastest response times and avoids sneak through transients that can otherwise occur on exposed cable runs (antennae). The mass of copper cable segments exposed in a typical serial cable environment act as antennae for attracting (inducing) damaging lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD) energy waveforms.

This phenomena together with the sensitivity of low voltage differential signaling circuitry, severely exposes critical systems to the forces of electrical storms, ESD, induced transients, switching transients and various types of line faults. As part of Bravo's Sure/Fire DATACOM Protector Product Series, Model RJ45SB is designed as an in-line cable port protector with a built-in ground wire for diverting/shunting abnormal and excessive voltage transients.


  • Solid State protection on all 8 signal lines. 
  • Stops all bidirectional voltage transients greater than ± 8 volts.
  • Unique Avalanche Diode Array protects from voltage transients greater than normal dataline interface signal levels @ 600 Watts of energy per line in less than a pico-second
  • High-Quality data signal design allows high speeds to 50 Mhz.
  • Solid State circuitry stops all voltage transients repeatedly and then automatically resets itself. 
  • Compact protection in a shielded all metal enclosure.
  • Protects all RJ11,RJ12 and RJ45 Serial Ports and shunts excess energy automatically via the attached 18 AWG ground wire
  • Every unit has passed a rigorous set of signal and functional tests
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