Bravo Communications 4-Port Gigabit PoE LAN/Network Hub Protector PoE/LAN8HUBG


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Bravo Communications 4-Port Gigabit PoE LAN/Network Hub Protector PoE/LAN8HUBG









  • Protects all CAT. 5 / CAT. 6 Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Ports up through Full Duplex Ethernet
  • Supports all PoE equipment for up to 1.25 Amps per conductor (8 wires/conductors per port)
  • Supports all PoE equipment for delivering up to 120 Watts of power @ 48V to remote devices
  • Meets all PoE standards including IEEE 802.3af and major Legacy Vendor standards
  • Supports both PoE modes A & B transparently
  • Expected to meet/exceed pending Standard IEEE 802.3at (PoE Plus) for powering higher wattage remote devices (useable power 50 Watts plus)
  • Protects all 8 signals/wires per port up to 250 Mhz with straight-through wiring
  • Supports 1 Gigabit ethernet applications (and up to 2 Gigabit data speeds)
  • 4-Port Building Block Architecture with single-point grounding
  • Each hub module includes four convenient grounding screw locations--two on the bottom side and two on the sides
  • 4-Port Modules can be stacked vertically and horizontally for unlimited hub expansion and modularity as the network grows or changes
  • Allows the network designer to wall mount, desk mount, or equipment mount directly to premise earth grounding system or chassis/frame ground or as desired
  • Comes complete W/2 grounding brackets, a 12 AWG ground wire & 4 rubber feet
  • Individual LAN port surge test light for all ports (diamond-shaped red LED)
  • Hubs come in injection molded, fire retardent plastic. Hub front and back panels can be color coded for easy port identification (black is standard). Heavy-duty shielded brushed aluminum hubs are also available.
  • Individual hub modules are hot swappable in the system
  • Stops all voltage transients greater than ± 68 volts and up to 25K amps per line in less than a pico-second
  • Protects LAN equipment repeatedly and then automatically resets itself
  • Unique 3-stage protection is powerful enough to use for both inter-building and intra-building cable run installations.
  • Compatible with both PoE and Non-PoE equipment installations for universality
  • Shielded (STP) Connector version is also available (SPoE/LAN8HUBG)
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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  • Bravo Communications 4-Port Gigabit PoE LAN/Network Hub Protector PoE/LAN8HUBG