Bravo Communications Single Port Datacom Protector - 9S


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Bravo Communications Single Port Datacom Protector - 9S

9-Pin RS232 Serial DATACOM Protector


Bravo's Sure/Fire family of DATACOM Port Protectors stops all forms of DATACOM damaging voltage transients (spikes and surges) that are prevalent in the typical DATACOM/Office cable environment. 


All network and peripheral equipment cables are exposed in a company's office environment because they act as antennae (at any cable length) for attracting (inducing) damaging lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD) energy waveforms.


The worldwide IEEE, ISO, UL and NEC Standard cite various electrical and safety hazards which Office and Datalines are susceptible to and recommend precautions from:

1. Direct contact between DATACOM network component and power or lighting circuit.

2. Static charge build-up network cables and components

3. High-energy transients couple onto dataline cables through induction due to other cables being installed in the general proximity.

4. Potential differences between safety grounds to which various peripherals and network components are connected both within a building and between buildings


    DATACOM spikes and surges are also caused by fluctuating AC lines, blackouts, brownouts, elevators, motors, generators, office copiers, and office lights.  AC power strips, power conditioners, UPS systems and power regulators cannot prevent Dataline transient damage.  They can only protect your building's AC power line.



    • Unique Avalanche Diode Array protects ALL interface signal lines
    • Stops all voltage transients greater than normal dataline interface signal levels at 600 Watts of energy per line in less than a pico-second
    • Shielded all-metal enclosures and connectors. 
    • Automatic self recovery
    • High-Quality Data Signal Design allows high speeds to 50 Mhz and is bidirectional
    • 100% complete package includes any required patch cable and heavy-duty grounding wire
    • Everyu unit has passed a rigorous set of signal and functional test
    • Fails Short it overstressed
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