PowerVar GPI Series B Power Conditioners


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PowerVar GPI Series B Power Conditioners You can count on receiving clean, conditioned power with these power conditioners even when the quality of the local AC supply is unpredictable.

Clean power helps keep your equipment operating smoothly, which in turn reduces the number of service calls to remote locations. Wherever in the world you ship electronic and computer equipment, you’ll save time, spare parts inventory and field service calls with our GPI Series B Power Conditioners. We have designed them specifically to be built into your equipment.

International models have selectable input voltages of 100, 120, 208, or 240 volts with a fixed output voltage of 240 volts. Your equipment can work with a range of international voltages without requiring several power supplies or other components.
  • All models are safety-agency listed and carry the CE mark.
  • Product sizes range from 500 VA to 3000 VA
  • Let through voltage is less than 10 volts normal mode and less than 0.5 volts neutral-to-ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • Accepts AC voltage inputs of 100, 120, 208 or 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, and converts it to 120 VAC or 240 VAC
  • Hardwired units designed to be built into OEM equipment
  • Backed by Powervar’s five-year warranty on parts and labor
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