Dwyer Series 477B Handheld Digital Manometer


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Dwyer Series 477B Handheld Digital Manometer

Manometer, 0.1% Accuracy, Range 0-20"WC


Precise Air Pressure Measurement, ±0.1% F.S. Accuracy


The SERIES 477B Handheld Digital Manometers are versatile, hand-held, battery operated manometers available in several basic ranges from 0-20 in w.c. up to 100 psi. All models measure either positive, negative or differential pressures with ±0.10% of full scale accuracy. You can select from up to seven common English and metric pressure units so conversions are not necessary. A memory function allows storage of up to 40 readings for later recall and a backlight provides auxiliary lighting for hard-to-see locations. Also standard are a hold feature plus both visual and audible overpressure alarms.


Product Applications

  • Lab calibration of other pressure instruments
  • Air velocity/air flow measurements in commercial buildings



  • Precise 0.1% FS accuracy provides four times better accuracy than most standard manometer/gages
  • Aluminum housing protects instrument against damage
  • 40 readings in internal memory reduces time to record data



Service: Air and compatible gases.
Wetted Parts: Consult factory.
Accuracy: ±0.10% of full scale from 60 to 78F° (15.6 to 25.6°C); ±1% of full scale from 32 to 60 and 78 to 104°F (0 to 15 .6 and 25.6 to 40°C).
Pressure Hysteresis: ±0.1% of full scale.
Pressure Limits: See chart on catalog page.
Temperature Limits: 0 to 140°F (-17.8 to 60°C).
Storage Temperature Limits: -4 to 176°F (-20 to 80°C).
Display: 4-digit LCD (.425" H x .234" W digits).
Resolution: See chart on catalog page.
Power Requirements: 9 volt alkaline battery. Battery included but not connected.
Connections: Two barbed connections for use with 1/8" (3.18 mm) or 3/16" (4.76 mm) I.D. tubing for 477B-1, 477B-2, 477B-3, 477B-4 and 477B-5 only. Two compression fittings for use with 1/8" (3.18 mm) I.D. x 1/4" (6.35 mm) O.D. tubing for 477B-6 and 477B-7 only.
Weight: 10.2 oz. (289 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.


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  • Dwyer Series 477B Handheld Digital Manometer