Dwyer Series AT-A3000 Atex/Iecex Aprroved Photohelic Pressure Switch Gauge


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Dwyer Series AT-A3000 Atex/Iecex Aprroved Photohelic Pressure Switch Gauge

Photohelic® Switch/Gages in Flameproof ATEX/IECEx Enclosures

Flameproof approved Series AT-A3000 ATEX/IECEx Approved Photohelic® Pressure Switch/Gage functions as versatile, highly repeatable pressure switch combined with a precise pressure gage employing the time-proven Magnehelic® gage design. The Photohelic® switch/gage measures and controls positive, negative or differential pressures of air and compatible gases. Two photo-transistor actuated, DPDT relays are included for low/high limit control. Easy-to-adjust set point indicators are controlled by knobs located on the gage face (accessible opening case after de-energizing instrument). Set points can be interlocked to provide variable dead band which is ideal for control of fans, dampers, etc. Gage reading is continuous and unaffected by switch operation, even during loss of electrical power. Flameproof enclosures are available in aluminum with a glass window which allows for viewing of set point needles and process pressure.


  • Saves inventory, installation time, and money by consolidating several instruments into one ATEX/IECEx approved product
  • Flameproof enclosure with optional glass window and aluminum housing protects the device in hazardous areas while giving local visibility to process pressure and set point status
  • Increased response time at low pressures with LD port configuration

Important notes for installation:
• Cables must be fitted through 1/2" NPT cable gland or ATEX/IECEx conduit (not supplied with instrument).
• Make sure after cabling to close tight cover and cable gland, in order to maintain IP66 rating.
• Open cover only after de-energizing instrument.
• Attention: Check local safety rules and warnings on unit and manual for a correct use of the instrument in hazardous areas.



    • Hazardous area pressure measurement and transmitter
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Clean rooms
    • Fume exhaust systems

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  • Dwyer Series AT-A3000 Atex/Iecex Aprroved Photohelic Pressure Switch Gauge