Extech 382275: 600W Switching Mode DC Power Supply (120V)


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Extech 382275: 600W Switching Mode DC Power Supply (120V)

Laboratory Grade Power Supply with 30V/20A Max output


The Extech 382275 power supply is an easy-to-configure, highly stable, lab grade DC power supply with maximum output power of 600 Watts. The new DC power supply offers two degrees of control over both current and voltage outputs (course and fine). Output is adjustable from 0 to 30 Volts DC and 0 to 20 Amps with (0.1 Volts/Amps resolution). Dual green LED displays offer easy-to-read, high contrast readouts of voltage and current values.

The 382275 offers four operating modes: normal mode, with values controlled by front-panel knobs; preset mode, which offers three popular voltage presets at 20 Amps: 5.0 Volts, 13.8 Volts, and 25 Volts; set mode, with three user-customizable presets; and remote control mode, where the user can remotely adjust output power on/off, voltage and current.

Other features include automatic constant current and voltage, high RFI immunity, excellent EMI, a thermostat-controlled variable speed fan, as well as over-voltage, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. The 382275 offers a compact, low profile design and small footprint without compromising output noise and transient response factors. Complete with power cord.



  • Remote Control for output Voltage/Current and On/Off
  • Two user-defined Voltage and Current presets and one 13.8V/20A factory preset
  • Automatic Constant Current crossover
  • Dual 3-Digit LED displays
  • High RFI immunity and excellent EMI
  • Thermostatic Control Fan from zero to full speed
  • Overload, over-temperature, and short circuit protection


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  • Extech 382275: 600W Switching Mode DC Power Supply (120V)