• Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz
  • It has resolutions of 1ft/s2; 0.01g; 0.1m/s2 and 0.02in/s; 0.01cm/s; 0.1mm/s
  • Basic accuracy of ±(5% + 2 digits)
  • Additional features include Zero adjustment
  • Data Hold and Low battery indicator
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65
Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter

Measures RMS Acceleration and Velocity with metric and imperial units of measure.

The Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter measures RMS Acceleration and Velocity with metric and imperial units of measure. It measures Acceleration (RMS): 656ft/s2; 20.39g; 200m/s2 and Velocity (RMS): 7.87in/s; 2.00cm/s; 200mm/s and has a wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz. Water and dust resistant to IP65. Data Hold, Zero adjustment, and Low Battery indicator. Comes with two measurement tips: pin or magnetic base.

The VB400 is designed to provide easy and accurate velocity and acceleration measurements on industrial machinery.

Spec Sheets


  • Motors bearings
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Rotating machinery
  • Plant maintenance

Meter Description

  • Display
  • Power Button
  • Hold Button
  • Function Button
  • Battery Cover/Compartment
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Sensing Head
  • Magnetic Baset


Display Icons
HOLD HOLD has been activated
ACC Acceleration with units : m/s2, ft/s2, g
VEL Velocity with units: mm/s, cm /s, inch/s
low_battery Low battery

Preparation for measurements

  1. Press the POWER button to turn the meter on.
  2. Check that the display is on and that the low battery icon is not on.
  3. If the low battery icon appears, replace the batteries.
  4. Attach either the sensing head or the magnetic base by screwing it into the vibration sensor.


  1. Press the MODE button to step through and set the function (velocity or acceleration) and the units desired.
  2. For non-ferrous surfaces, gently hold the meter (as shown) with the sensing head against the vibrating surface.
  3. For ferrous surfaces, attach the meter to the surface with the magnetic mount.
  4. The meter must be held perpendicular to the surface to maintain measurement accuracy
  5. Read the measured value in the display.


Extech VB400 Specifications
General Specifications
Display LCD, 20 mm x 28 mm.
Measurement Velocity, Acceleration. (RMS value).
Mode Acceleration: g, m/s2, ft/s2
Velocity: mm/s, cm/s, inch/s
Frequency range 10 Hz to 1 KHz
Sampling time Approx. 1 second.
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C ( 32 to 122°F ).
Operating humidity < 80% RH.
Power supply DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4/AAA ) x 4 PCs.
Power consumption Approx. DC 12 mA.
Weight 240 g ( 0.53 lb ).
Dimension Meter: 175 x 40 x 32 mm, ( 6.9 x 1.6 x 1.3 inch ).
Sensing head: Round 9 mm Dia. x 30 mm.
Accuracy Specifications
Mode Range Resolution Accuracy
Acceleration 0.5 to 199.9m/s2 0.1 ±(5%rdg+2digits) @160Hz, 80Hz, 23±5°C
.05 to 20.39g 0.01
2 to 656ft/s2 1
Calibration point: 50m/s2 (160Hz)
Velocity 0.5 to 199.9 mm/s 0.1mm/s ±(5%rdg+2digits) @160Hz, 80Hz, 23±5°C
0.05 to 19.99 cm/s 0.01
0.02 to 7.87inch/s 0.01inch/s
Calibration point: 50mm/s (160Hz)
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