Hioki 3283 Clamp On Leak Hi-Tester

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Hioki 3283 Clamp On Leak Hi-Tester

Clamp On Leak Hi-Tester

The 3283 Clamp On Leak HiTester is designed for wide-range measurement on live circuits, from very small leak currents up to load currents of 200 amperes. The clamp part is made of material with high magnetic permeability, to minimize adverse effects caused by external magnetic fields, and to reduce tolerances due to the position of the measured conductor.

High-sensitivity range with 10-mA full-scale point: Allows accurate measurement even of minute leak currents (resolution 10 ?A).

Wide measurement range: Five range settings from 10 mA to 200 A make the 3283 suitable for many applications.

Microprocessor-controlled functions: In spite of the compact dimensions of the unit, versatile functions such as SLOW and MAX/MIN are made possible by the built-in microprocessor.

True rms indication: The true rms conversion circuit delivers accurate results not affected by leak current distortion.

Filtering: The widespread use of switching power supplies and equipment incorporating inverter technology frequently causes harmonics to be superimposed in the leak current waveform. The filter in the 3283 allows two kinds of measurement, for leak current caused by insulation faults and for leak currents including harmonics.


  • Wide bandwidth, 5 Hz to 15 kHz (Waveform output)
  • High-sensitivity with a full scale of 10 mA (resolution:10 µA)
  • High-accuracy at ±1 %
  • True RMS measurement
  • Analyzer functions, for filtering and output signals
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