Hopetech Portable Battery Tester 0.00001V~1000.00V HT3554D


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Hopetech Portable Battery Tester 0.00001V~1000.00V  HT3554D

HT3554D Handheld Internal Resistance Battery Tester is the company’s key high-speed tester for accurate battery internal resistance and voltage test in the battery industry.

As a handheld tester, the HT3554D is lighter and smaller than desktop instruments, but its accuracy and speed are comparable to the bench top tester because it shares the same circuit design of the classic HT3563.

Powered of lithium battery and dry battery, HT3554D can still work in the harsh field and air transport limited areas to facilitate the use of dry-cell battery.

HT3554D has a minimum resolution of 0.0001mΩ, maximum voltage and auto trigger voltage of 1000V and fastest test speed is 100mS.


HT3554A/B/D Portable Battery Tester

  • A precision tester for ordinary batteries.
  • Handheld design, lighter and smaller, but their accuracy and speed comparable to the bench top tester.
  • Ultra-wide test range, voltage test range up to 1000V (HT3554D only)
  • Test speed faster than HT3554


HT3554 Portable Battery Tester

  • Special for online measurement for UPS batteries
  • High stability, high resolution design, the highest voltage resolution 0.1mV, and internal resistance resolution 0.001mΩ
  • Excellent anti-interference performance. When the instrument receives back EMF shock, it will automatically cut off the test loop.
  • HT3554 Use the latest anti-jamming technology to effectively suppress 1/f noise


  • Inspection of high-voltage battery pack and battery module
  • High-speed mass production inspection of various batteries
  • For large, medium and small (low impedance) component inspection and high volume production inspection
  • Special fuel cell stack inspection
  • Research and development measurement for batteries
  • Simultaneously check internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) at high speed
  • Fit for various types of battery in the market such as: lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, lithium batteries

Application Examples

3554 battery tester in lithium battery, electronical bikes battery ,UPS application (2)
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  • Hopetech Portable Battery Tester 0.00001V~1000.00V  HT3554D