Hopetech Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~60.000V HT3554


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Hopetech Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~60.000V HT3554

The HT3554 portable battery tester is designed for large current and strong anti-interference to provide fast, complete and accurate diagnosis in internal resistance and voltage for backup UPS batteries and lead-acid batteries. Without stopping the instrument, HT3554 can carry out UPS online measurement and rapid diagnosis of deterioration of the batteries, much increasing the test efficiency. The built-in automatic data storage function can store up to 2400 sets of data.

HT3554A/B/D Handheld Internal Resistance Battery Tester is the company’s key high-speed tester for accurate battery internal resistance and voltage test in the battery industry.
As a handheld tester, the 3 models are lighter and smaller than desktop instruments, but their accuracy and speed is comparable to the bench top tester since they use the same circuit design of the classic HT3563.
Powered of lithium battery and dry battery, HT3554 can still work in the harsh field and air transport limited areas to facilitate the use of dry-cell battery.

HT3554 has a minimum resolution of 0.0001mΩ, maximum voltage and auto trigger voltage of 1000V and fastest test speed is 100mS.

HP3554 Operation Interface

HP3554 portable battery tester

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