ICS 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller


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ICS 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller • Controls GPIB Devices anywhere there is a network or internet connection.

• No special driver required which eliminates driver problems.

• Controllable with Windows PC programs like C, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, VEE, etc that make VISA or SICL calls.

• Controllable from MAC/UNIX/LINUX and similar computers with RPC calls.

• Fully VXI-11 compliant.

• Includes ICS's VXI-11 and VISA keyboard control programs.

• Works with Agilent, NI and Kikisui VISA libraries.

• Internal webserver lets you change network settings from any browser.

• Network connectivity eliminates GPIB Bus Extension problems.

• Allows multiple users to access the GPIB instruments.

• 9065 is a 2nd generation drop-in replacement for ICS's Model 8065. The Model 9065 is 2x to 4x faster and includes a webserver instrument control page.
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  • ICS 9065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller