IT-6000B Regenerative Power System


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IT-6000B Regenerative Power System

From the perspective of improving customer experience, ITECH launches a new incorporated product--IT6000B series. IT6000B integrates bidirectional power supply and regenerative electronic load into one 3U unit. It is also a very powerful one. Only a button is needed to switch between the bidirectional power supply and the regenerative electronic load. It can be used not only as a stand-alone powerful bidirectional power supply, as a source to provide power; but also as an independent regenerative electronic load, to absorb the consumed energy and feedback cleanly to the grid. IT6000B offers standard two-quadrants functionality.

IT6000B provides 7 voltage ranges, up to 2250V, supports master-slave parallel with even current distribution up to 1152kW. Built-in waveform generator supports generating arbitrary waveforms, and imports LIST files for waveforms via USB interface. IT6000B is the combination of reliability, high efficient setting, safe and multiple measurement functions. IT6000B is a family of bi-directional, regenerative power system with excellent performance, extensively used in aspects of high power battery, automotive electronics, green energy, high speed testing etc.


♦ Bi-directional device – power supply and electronic load in one
♦ One button switch between source and sink on panel
♦ Stand-alone power up to 144kW, expandable in parallel up to 1.152MW
♦ Voltage output ratings: 0-2250V
♦ Current output ratings: 0-2040A
♦ High power density design provides 18kW in 3U space
♦ Bi-directional energy transmission, seamless switching across two quadrants
♦ Support CC/CV loop speed and priority setting
♦ Built-in voltage curves comply with DIN 40839, ISO-16750-2/ISO21848 automotive standards
♦ High efficient energy recovery
♦ Support solar panel I-V curves simulation
♦ Built-in waveform generator, support generating arbitrary waveforms
♦ Adjustable output impedance
♦ Complete protection, support OVP, ±OCP, ±OPP, OTP, voltage transient drop protection and anti-islanding protection
♦ Built-in USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO interface, Optional GPIB/Analog&RS232

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