IT8000 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load


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IT8000 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load

IT8000 series is a family of high power regenerative electronic loads with compact size. The highly integrated capability enables the e-load to simulate various e-load characteristics, and return the consumed energy back to the grid cleanly, saving costs related to energy consumption and cooling, meanwhile eco-friendly.

With modular high power density design, IT8000 provide up to 18kW in 3U space. The power is  expandable up to 1152kW by master-slave parallelling and active current sharing. If you move into application of high power UPS, storage battery, PV battery, EV, energy storage system, ITECH can help you with IT8000 series high power regenerative electronic load.


♦ Recover DC energy to local grid with efficiency up to 95%
♦ Stand-alone power up to 144kW, expandable by master-slave parallelling up to 1152kW
♦ Stand-alone input voltage up to 2250V
♦ Stand-alone input current up to 2040A
♦ High power density design provides 18kW in 3U space
♦ Built-in waveform generator, support generating arbitrary waveforms
♦ LIST function, support importing LIST files by USB
♦ Power accumulation function
♦ Battery test function, auto-test function, short circuit test function
♦ With pre-charging function, prevent DC loading current overshoot
♦ Full protection: OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/UVP, Vsense anti-reverse connection protection, and voltage transient drop protection
♦ Built-in standard USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO interface, and optional
♦ GPIB/Analog&RS232 interfaces
♦ Support SCPI protocol, LabVIEW
♦ Operating mode:CC/CV/CP/CR/CC+CV/CV+CR/CR+CC/CC+CV+CP+CR
*The regenerated power is for local grid purpose, not for public grid purpose


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