IT8600 AC Electronic Load


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IT8600 AC Electronic Load

IT8600 is ITECH latest series of AC/DC electronic loads with power range 0~14.4 kVA and adjustable frequency 45 Hz ~ 450 Hz. The unique oscilloscope waveform display function of IT8600's can display input voltage & current as waveform. It is equipped with measurement modes for different parameters such as inrush current, peak value, effective value, PF (power factor).

Voltage harmonics measurement capacity is up to 50th. The built-in RS232, GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces are for reliable and fast control. IT8600 is the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components etc.



♦ Frequency range: 45 Hz~450 Hz
♦ Power range: 0~14.4 kVA
♦ Voltage range: 50~420 Vrms, 15~260 Vrms
♦ Current range: 0~1 60 Arms
♦ Parallel connection/ three-phase control  *1
♦ 7’’ LCD screen
♦ Oscilloscope function supporting display of voltage and current waveform
♦ High-speed AD sampling, real-time capture waveform
♦ Measure Vrms, Vpk, Vdc, Irms, Ipk, Idc, W, VA, VAR,CF, PF and FREQ
♦ Measures THD ( V ) up to 50th Harmonic
♦ AC electronic load: CC/CR/CP mode
♦ DC electronic load: CC/CR/CP/CV mode *2
♦ External 0~10 V analog control input, voltage and current analog monitoring function *3
♦ OTP, OCP, OVP, UVP and OPP protection function
♦ GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces and external USB flash disk interface

*1 IT8616 is without this function, IT8617 supports single/three-phase switch output   

*2 Only IT8615 and IT8615L are with CV function   

*3 Only IT8615 and IT8615L have the function of external analog 

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