LM Technologies - Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048


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LM Technologies - Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048

 LM048 (part no 048-3006 Retail Pack) 


Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048 is the smallest Bluetooth® Serial Adapter in the world and offers a higher standard of features than other adapters of its type. The LM048 Bluetooth® Serial Adapter is a Class 1 Bluetooth® rated product, which will reach distances of 100m when the environment allows, with connection made via it’s onboard antenna.





  • World’s smallest RS232 Bluetooth® adapter.
  • Multi power supply options, AC Mains via Mini USB, USB-Mini USB.
  • Supports up to 100 meters (in open space).
  • Unique Patented Firmware Enabling Serial Printer Functionality.
  • DTR DSR Handshaking and RTS CTS Flow Control options available depending on the configuration.
  • No need of external host or software, simply works as a standalone product.
  • Ability to transfer DTR, DSR, RTS and CTS line status over air providing a true Serial Cable replacement solution. This functionality allows serial printers using DSR or CTS line for error reporting such as “Out of Paper”, “Printer Offline” etc.
  • Ease of configuration and setup using LM149 Software.

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    Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048

    Our LM048 Bluetooth® Serial Adapter uses a CSR IC which runs LM’s own AT Command firmware, enabling connection to other Bluetooth® devices. The Bluetooth® Serial Adapter has been certified to use the Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR or v2.0 + EDR.

    The firmware within the LM048 Bluetooth® Serial Adapter allows all of the known serial configurations to be used and it’s this flexibility that has enabled LM to patent it’s firmware. The AT command firmware which controls the RS232 signals (DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS) for line handling (which offers the full range of serial combinations) is easily configured by using the adapters slide-switch, on the top of the adapter.

    Our LM149 Configuration Software allows users to adjust various serial settings such as flow control, stop bits etc. It also enables users to update the device name and turn on or off Bluetooth® functions such as Auto Connect or Bluetooth® discoverable features.

    Please see the Software Tab above to download the correct Configuration Software version

    LM Technologies has built such applications within Android, Blackberry, Windows, macOS platforms, which enable the LM048 a range of smart phone solutions. These solutions can be developed for your own application free of charge by LM Technologies, when volumes in excess of 1000 pieces per annum are requested. Please see our case studies for further details on how the Bluetooth® Serial Adapter has be used in solutions.

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    Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048 Certification

    The LM048 Bluetooth® RS232 adapter has been certified in the following countries;

    FCC USA, R&TTE CE EU, ANATEL Brazil, TELEC Japan, KCC Korea, SRRC China, WPC India, IC Canada, Singapore, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

    It has also met the industry standards that need specialist certification which are: Automotive 2004/104/EC, EMC and SIG BQB Certifications.

    The LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter is widely used within the serial printer market and the LM048’s have gained approval from many POS / EPOS industry manufacturers: Star Micronics, Epson, SNBC, Orient, Toshiba and Sharp.

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