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Key Highlights
For increased sample rate, consider the USB-1208FS-Plus.

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8 single-ended or 4 differential analog inputs

11-bit SE, 12-bit DIFF resolution

16 digital I/O

One 32-bit external event counter

External trigger input

Two 10-bit analog outputs

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Also available as a Bluetooth™ Device


Support for DAQami data acquisition companion software for acquiring data and generating signals

TracerDAQ® for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals

Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET,
including examples for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic® .NET

DASYLab® and NI LabVIEW™ drivers

MATLAB® Data Acquisition Toolbox™ support

Linux® open-source drivers

InstaCal™ software utility for installing, configuration, and testing

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10/8/7/Vista®/XP SP2, 32-bit or 64-bit; Linux®

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  • MCC USB-1208LS