Senonics Minnow Temperature Logger

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Senonics Minnow Temperature Logger
  • Temperature is measured to an accuracy of +/--0.3C over the range +5C to +60C and +/--2.0C over the full range --30C to +80C. Relative humidity is measured to an accuracy of +/--2.0% over 20% to 80% humidity range and +/--4.0% over 0% to 100%. Both temperatureTest Equipment NZ and relative humidity are logged at a user configurable logging rate which can be set in a PC application program.
  • Minnow is available with an optional NIST traceable single point calibration at any temperature between 15C and 35C or 0C. Once calibrated the Minnow is accurate to +/-- 0.1C within +/-- 20C of the calibration point.
  • Can set operating ranges above or below which light indicators will be activated so that the user can become aware that the desired transportation conditions have been exceeded.
    65520 storage items each of which is a time-stamped recording of temperature and humidity.
  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple to use PC Application
  • Moisture Resistance

  • Application:


  • Sensitive/ Fragile items
  • Food
  • Animal/Livestock
  • Plants
  • Chemical
  • Medicine or Organs

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