NI PXI-1033 5-Slot PXI Chassis with Integrated MXI-Express Controller


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NI PXI-1033 5-Slot PXI Chassis with Integrated MXI-Express Controller
  • Consider the NI PXIe-1073 for better performance at a similar cost
  • 110 MB/s sustained throughput with MXI-Express remote control
  • Rugged, compact package with slots for five peripheral modules
  • Quiet acoustic noise emissions as low as 38 dBA
  • 400 W universal AC power supply
  • Chassis contains an integrated MXI-Express controller

The National Instruments PXI-1033 low-cost chassis with integrated controller is designed for remote control applications. Taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, NI gives engineers the ability to create a new PXI system at a significant cost savings. With a built-in MXI-Express controller in the chassis, the NI PXI-1033 provides a transparent, remote link with up to 110 MB/s sustained throughput. In the same size package as the PXI-1031 four-slot compact chassis, it offers five peripheral slots for modules. The chassis kit includes the chassis with integrated MXI-Express controller, a host card (either a PCI Express card for desktops or an ExpressCard for laptops), and a cable. The PXI-1033 chassis features compact, rugged packaging as well as acoustically quiet operation, which makes it ideal for both portable and desktop ATE systems. For systems using modular instruments, power budgeting may be required. The low cost and high performance of the PXI-1033 meet application needs in a variety of industries including automotive, ATE, and electronics.

Specifications Summary

Number of Slots
PXI Bus Type
PXI Hybrid Compatible
Number of PXI Peripheral Slots
Number of PXI Express Peripheral Slots
Number of Hybrid Peripheral Slots
Operating System / Target
LabVIEW RT Support
Maximum System Bandwidth
110 MB / s
Accepts both 3U PXI and CompactPCI Modules
Optional Front or Rear Rack Mountable
Integrated Controller
Power Requirements
Total Available Power
400 W
Input Voltage Range
100 V - 240 V
Input Frequency Range
50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power Supply
Field-replaceable Power Supply
Remote Power Inhibit Control and Voltage Monitoring
Auto Fan Sound Pressure Level
37.4 dBA
Auto Fan Sound Power
43.8 dBA
High Fan Sound Pressure Level
51.5 dBA
High Fan Sound Power
60.9 dBA
Auto / High Fan Selector
Number of Fans
Physical Specifications
25.71 cm
21.28 cm
17.7 cm
Operating Temperature
0 °C - 50 °C
Maximum Altitude
2000 m
Sold Out
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  • NI PXI-1033 5-Slot PXI Chassis with Integrated MXI-Express Controller