PowerVar Single-Phase Power Conditioners


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PowerVar Single-Phase Power Conditioners
For use with small to mid-range computers and other larger electronic equipment

If you have a small or mid-range computer system, multiple network servers, a large phone or voice-mail system, or other critical equipment that requires more power, POWERVAR single-phase conditioners can save you time and frustration. All are UL and cUL listed.
Whether noise is generated on the line or by the load, this equipment`s low-impedance transformer and bi-directional noise filter protects your system from all the problems caused by power disturbances, from lost data to "no trouble found" service calls and more.

  Conditioners provide clean power at 120, 208 or 240 Vac for loads up to 62 amps
  Dual-output models can protect both high-voltage system loads and low-voltage peripherals at less expense and effort than installing two conditioners
  Hardwired and line cord/receptacle models are available

*Indicates hardwire connection

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