Rigol DS6062 600 MHz 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope


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Rigol DS6062 600 MHz 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope

The DS6062 600 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 2 channels, 5 GSa/sec sampling, up to 120,000 waveforms per second, and dynamic persistance mode and single-ended active probes (model RP7150). These new products are designed and produced by RIGOL with many key technological breakthroughs designed to reduce engineers search time through research, development, and failure analysis applications. Detecting signal and device characteristics is now easier than ever with the most advanced digital oscilloscope platform in its class.

DS6000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

DS6000 series is the mainstreem digital oscilloscope developed by RIGOL with up to 1GHz bandwidth,5GSa/s sample rate, it has the deepest memory depth(140Mpts) and fastest  Waveform Capture rate (180,000 wfms/s) of this class.
DS6000 series adopt many today's new technologies to achieve high performance, abundant features in the same class. It's designed to aim at the requirements of the largest digital oscilloscope market segment from the communications, semiconductor,computing,aerospace defense,instrumentation, research/education,industrial electronics,consumer electronics and automotive industries with its innovative technology,industry leading specifications,powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.


Model DS6104 DS6102 DS6064 DS6062
Bandwidth 1 GHz 1 GHz 600 MHz 600 MHz
Analog Channels 4 2 4 2
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div - 10V/div
Real-time Sample Rate 5 GSa/s(single channel mode),2.5 GSa/s(dual channel mode)
Memory Depth 140 Million Points
Waveform Acquisition Rate 180,000 Waveforms per Second
Standard Interface USB Host & Device, RS-232, P/F Out
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Math +, -, ×, FFT, customizable user defined
Waveform Record 180,000 Waveforms
Cursor Measurements Manual, Track and Auto Measure modes
Probe Compensation Output
Output Voltage About 3 V, peak-peak
Frequency 2 1 kHz
Power Voltage 100-120 V/45-440 Hz
100-240 V/45-65 Hz
Power Maximum 150W
Fuse 3 A, T Degree, 250 V
Temperature Range Operation: 0°Cto +50°C
Non-Operation: -20°C to +70°C
Cooling Method fan cooling
Humidity Range Under +35°C: °C90% Relative Humidity
+35°C to +50°C: ≤60% Relative Humidity
Altitude Operation: under 3,000 meters
Non-Operation: under 15,000 meters
Physical Characteristics
Size 3 Width×Height×Depth =
399.0 mm×255.3 mm×123.8 mm
Weight 4 Package Excluded :5.345 ± 0.2 kg
Package Included:10.8 ± 1 kg
Calibration Interval
The recommended calibration interval period is one year. Regulatory Information
Electromagnetic 2004/108/EC
Compatibility Execution standard EN 61326-1:2006 EN
Compatibility UL 61010-1:2004 ; CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.
61010-1-2004 ;
EN 61010-1:2001 ; IEC 61010-1:2001
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