Rishabh Rishmulti SI 232


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Rishabh Rishmulti SI 232
* Data logging
* Data processing
* Data analysis
* Data recording
                Y (t) recorder
                XY recorder
* Storing Data in Offline /online mode
* Transmission of data to PC in Online mode via RS 232 serial interface.
* Simultaneous viewing of up to 6 parameters through 6 Rish multi SI 232 adapters in Data  logger  mode.
* Optically isolated transmission from multi meter to adapter.
* Easy parameter setting manually and through PC
* Graphical analysis of data through y-t & X-Y mode
The storage adapter RISH multi SI232 when attached to the handheld Rish multi series 12S…18S multi meters permits direct transmission of measured data (Online) of a single or more Rish Multi meters to a PC .On-site data storage without PC is possible in offline mode of adapter and Data can be downloaded to PC afterwards. The data is synchronized by a integrated clock for real time application.
Memory: 128 kB (corresponds to approx. 200000 meas. Values). Saving of the measured values according to difference value procedure (compressed).
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