Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer


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Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer

Color Graphic Combustion Analyzer

The Testo 330-1G LL, is combustion analysis without confusion. Redesigned with a full color graphic display, the 330-1G LL combustion analyzer allows the user to visualize the measurement data graphically without watching numerical values.

Self-explanatory graphic curves as well as easy to understand symbols and a clear color display ease the understanding of the measurement data considerably showing the user where they are at, and a trend line of where they are headed during the adjustment process.

Thumb symbols confirm instantly system status of O2O and CO concentrations in the green zone (safe & efficient) confirming operation falls within the manufacturers guidelines.

User configuration allows the display of 4- to 8-lines as numerical values and 4 measurement values simultaneously in a line-graph display. This feature shows trends that may be compromising safe operation or fuel combustion such as depressurization of the combustion air zone, loss of draft, or fluctuating O2O due to potential heat exchanger failure.

  • New instrument design
  • 240 x 320 Color graphic display
  • Graphic processing of data
  • Self diagnostics
  • Gas standing pressure test User defined fuels
  • Logger function for long term measurement
  • Long life sensors (up to 6 years CO & O2O)
  • 4 year sensor guarantee Reduced cost of ownership
  • Memory up to 500,000 readings
  • USB interface for data readout to PC
  • Over 10 hours continuous operation
  • Deluxe Combo: Combustion Analyzer
  • probe
  • spare filters
  • power pack
  • case
  • PLUS IR Printer and spare paper
  • PLUS basic spot tester


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  • Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer
  • Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer