Testo 416 Small Vane Anemometer Kit


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Testo 416 Small Vane Anemometer Kit The compact Testo 416 is an easy to use anemometer with an attached 5/8 inch vane probe on a telescopic handle with a maximum length of 2 feet 11 inches. Enter the duct measurements directly into the testo 416 and the volume flow measurement is shown on the easy to read display. You can switch between flow and temperature readings very easily. Timed and multi point mean flow calculations enable easy flow analysis, volume accumulation estimates, and temperature variation monitoring. Minimum and Maximum values are one button access, while the Hold function freezes the current readings in the display for easy data documentation.



  • Direct display of volume flow
  • Multi point or timed mean calculation
  • Maximum and minimum values
  • Hold button to freeze readings
  • Display light
  • Auto Off function
  • Optional TopSafe protects instrument from dirt and impact
  • Permanently attached 16 mm telescopic vane
  • Battery
  • Calibration protocol
  • Soft Carry case

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  • Testo 416 Small Vane Anemometer Kit