Testo 476 Handheld Stroboscope


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Testo 476 Handheld Stroboscope Hand-held stroboscope – Light-intensive. The testo 476 Pocket Strobe handheld non-contact tachometer measures RPM and checks rotation and vibration movements. It facilitates the measurement of very small objects or in hard-to-access places. The energy optimized switching electronics and light-intensive xenon flash lamp facilitate a high light intensity (approximately 800 lux). 



  • High setting accuracy and stability thanks to dynamic setting dial
  • High light intensity due to energy optimized switching electronics and powerful xenon flash lamp
  • Powerful rechargeable battery pack for minimum 1 hour operation time over the frequency range
  • Automatic trigger to synchronize flash sequence
  • Even higher light intensity with improved high-performance xenon flash lamp
  • Tripod housing connection
  • Memory function - last reading is stored when switched off
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  • Testo 476 Handheld Stroboscope