Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Stick


Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Stick Testo 317-2 Gas leak detector including case with belt clip and hand loop, self test function and batteries, can be used detector for fast checks on gas pipe connections with the visual bar display. It is a compact gas leak detector which checks ambient levels of methane and propane. Display indicates gas level and audible alarm warns user of increasing gas concentrations. Ideal for use during installation and maintenance work on gas boilers.



  • Easy to use: just one ON/OFF button
  • Sensor self-test following switch-on
  • Audible signal confirms 317-2 is ready for use
  • Increasing visual and audible alarm with rising gas concentration
  • Continuous sound if alarm threshold is exceeded
  • Battery status indicated on display
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  • Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Stick